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발표: Rahi가 Wesco에 인수되었습니다. CEO의 편지를 읽어보세요.

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개인 정보 보호 정책

  1. 문서의 목적, 범위

This privacy notice will explain how our organization uses the personal data we collect from you when you use the services of Rahi Systems.

  1. 데이터 우리는 수집합니까?

Rahi Systems may collect personal data to operate effectively and provide the best experiences from our IT services.

회사는 서비스 가입, 계약 체결, 신청서 제출 및 기타 다양한 계약을 통해 상호 작용을 통해 직접 정보를 수집할 수 있습니다. 당사는 귀하가 당사 사이트를 방문하거나, 당사 광고를 보거나, 당사 제품 또는 서비스를 사용할 때 정보를 자동으로 수집하는 기술을 사용할 수 있습니다.

Some of the types of Personal Data which we collect are:


  1. 귀하의 데이터를 어떻게 수집합니까?

회사가 수집하는 데이터는 사용자가 제공한 데이터에서 직접 파생됩니다. 다음과 같은 경우 데이터를 수집하고 처리합니다.

당사는 또한 다양한 제XNUMX자 소스로부터 직접 또는 간접적으로 공개적으로 사용 가능한 데이터를 수신할 수 있습니다.

  1. 개인 데이터를 처리하는 근거는 무엇입니까?

Rahi Systems will process personal information where it is required by law, necessary for the performance or administration of your contract of employment, or where it has a legitimate business interest in doing so. The company will process sensitive personal information where it is necessary for the purpose of carrying out a legal obligation or exercising your specific rights or those of the company with respect to your employment with Rahi Systems. The company will obtain your consent to process your personal information where it is required to do so by local law, and where required, for any new or additional purpose. Under local law, to the extent that processing is based on consent, you may be entitled to withdraw consent to the processing of your personal information.

  1. 귀하의 데이터는 어떻게 사용됩니까?

Our Company collects your data, based on your relationship with the Rahi Systems. The company uses the data collected for a number of reasons, some of them as described below:

  1. 우리는 누구를 귀하의 개인 데이터는?

Rahi Systems is a global company and may share the personal information collected or provide such access to other companies within the Rahi Systems group.

회사는 수집한 개인 데이터를 다음과 같이 공유할 수도 있습니다.

당사가 귀하의 개인 정보를 공유하는 제XNUMX자는 경우에 따라 귀하의 개인 정보의 목적과 사용을 독립적으로 결정할 수 있습니다(예: 항공사, 기업 신용 카드 회사 또는 혜택 제공업체). 그러한 경우 수신자의 개인 정보 보호 정책이 귀하의 개인 정보 사용에 적용됩니다.

Associates에 알리지 않고 개인 정보를 제XNUMX자에게 공개하는 상황이 있을 수 있습니다. 이러한 상황에는 다음이 포함될 수 있습니다.

  1. 개인 정보의 국제 전송

Due to the global nature of Rahi Systems’s business, personal information may be shared, disclosed and transferred between the various Rahi Systems group companies where such transfers are required for legitimate business reasons. Where Rahi Systems transfers your personal information internationally, which may include transferring personal information outside of Europe or US, Rahi Systems will comply with applicable legal requirements. Where required we will sign a data transfer agreement with the recipient of the personal information, which in the case of European Personal Information may include the Standard Contractual Clauses or Corporate Binding Rules.

  1. 귀하의 개인 데이터를 어떻게 보호합니까?

Rahi Systems implements appropriate security measures designed to prevent unlawful or unauthorized Processing of Personal Information and accidental loss of or damage to Personal Information. Rahi Systems maintains written security management policies and procedures designed to prevent, detect, contain, and correct violations of measures taken to protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability, or security of your Personal Information. These policies and procedures assign specific data security responsibilities and accountabilities to specific individuals, include a risk management program that includes periodic risk assessment and provide an adequate framework of controls that safeguard your Personal Information.

  1. 우리는 어떻게합니까? 저장 당신의 데이터?

As Rahi Systems a multi-national organization with locations in many countries around the world, your personal data may be stored and processed in any country in which we operate, including where we have facilities, or in which we engage service providers.

Your personal data may be transferred outside the country of your residence upon the absence of stringent protection laws regarding your personal data. In such cases, Rahi Systems would enter into a contractual agreement including data privacy and protection arrangements to provide for adequate protection mechanisms.

To obtain additional information regarding the safeguards that Rahi Systems has put in place to govern cross-border transfers of personal data, please contact us using the information provided in the “Contact Us” section.

  1. 우리는 얼마나 오래 저장 당신의 데이터는?

Rahi Systems may retain your personal data for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this Notice unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law.

  1. 자동화된 의사 결정

귀하에게 중대한 영향을 미치는 자동화된 의사 결정(사람의 개입 없이 전자 시스템을 사용하여 귀하에 대한 결정이 내려지는 경우)에만 기초하여 귀하에 대한 결정이 내려지지 않습니다.

  1. 귀하의 데이터 보호 권리


Rahi Systems respects the right of you, or where permitted by law, your authorized agent to know and inquire about what personal data about you we have collected, used or disclosed. In addition, you or your authorized agent have the right to request correction or deletion of such personal data, as well as to request removal of your personal data held by third parties with whom we conduct business. Rahi Systems  will not discriminate against you based on your exercise of any of these rights.


당사는 귀하가 귀하의 모든 데이터 보호 권리를 완전히 인지하고 있는지 확인하고자 합니다. 모든 사용자는 다음 권한이 있습니다.

  1. 쿠키

쿠키는 표준 인터넷 로그 정보 및 방문자 행동 정보를 수집하기 위해 컴퓨터에 저장되는 텍스트 파일입니다. 귀하가 당사 웹사이트를 방문할 때 당사는 쿠키 또는 유사한 기술을 통해 귀하로부터 정보를 자동으로 수집할 수 있습니다.

또한, 당사는 귀하가 당사 서비스 및 제XNUMX자 사이트에 액세스하고 이를 사용할 때 귀하가 관심을 가질 수 있는 상품 또는 서비스에 관한 광고를 제공하기 위해 제XNUMX자 서비스 제공업체와 협력할 수 있습니다.

이러한 옵트아웃 메커니즘은 쿠키를 사용하여 선택 사항을 기억합니다. 쿠키를 삭제하거나 다른 컴퓨터나 장치를 사용하거나 브라우저를 변경하는 경우 이 과정을 반복해야 합니다. 또한 관심 기반 광고를 선택 해제하면 모든 광고가 선택 해제되는 것이 아니라 귀하의 관심사에 맞춤화된 광고만 선택 해제됩니다.


우리는 어떻게합니까? 사용 쿠키?

Rahi Systems uses cookies in a range of ways to improve your experience on our website, including:

어떤 유형의 쿠키 우리는 사용합니까?

몇 가지 다른 유형의 쿠키가 있지만 당사 웹사이트에서는 다음을 사용합니다.

방법 관리 쿠키?

브라우저가 쿠키를 허용하지 않도록 설정할 수 있으며 위 웹 사이트는 브라우저에서 쿠키를 제거하는 방법을 알려줍니다. 그러나 경우에 따라 일부 웹 사이트 기능이 결과적으로 작동하지 않을 수 있습니다.

캘리포니아 거주자를 위한 추가 정보


  1. Information Collected in the past 12 months

We collect personal information which includes information that identifies, relates to, describes, references, is capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular consumer or household (“Personal Information”). Personal Information does not include:

In particular, depending upon your relationship with Rahi Systems we may have collected the following categories of Personal Information within the last twelve (12) months:

식별자. 실명, 별명, 우편 주소, 고유 한 개인 식별자, 온라인 식별자, 인터넷 프로토콜 주소, 이메일 주소, 계정 이름, 주민등록번호, 운전 면허 번호, 여권 번호 또는 기타 유사한 식별자.
Personal Information categories listed in the California Customer Records statute (Cal. Civ. Code § 1798.80(e)).  A name, signature, Social Security number, physical characteristics or description, address, telephone number, passport number, driver’s license or state identification card number, insurance policy number, education, employment, employment history, bank account number, credit card number, debit card number, or any other financial information, medical information, or health insurance information. Some Personal Information included in this category may overlap with other categories.
Protected classification characteristics under California or federal law.  Age , race, color, ancestry, national origin, citizenship, religion or creed, marital status, medical condition, physical or mental disability, sex (including gender, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy or childbirth and related medical conditions), sexual orientation, veteran or military status, genetic information (including familial genetic information).
Commercial information.  Records of personal property, products or services purchased, obtained, or considered, or other purchasing or consuming histories or tendencies.
생체 정보.  Genetic, physiological, behavioural, and biological characteristics, or activity patterns used to extract a template or other identifier or identifying information, such as, fingerprints, faceprints, and voiceprints, iris or retina scans, keystroke, gait, or other physical patterns, and sleep, health, or exercise data.
Internet or other similar network activity. 검색 기록, 검색 기록, 소비자가 웹 사이트, 응용 프로그램 또는 광고와 상호 작용하는 정보.
지리적 위치 데이터. 물리적 위치 또는 움직임.
Sensory data. 오디오, 전자, 시각, 열, 후각 또는 이와 유사한 정보.
전문가 또는 고용 관련 정보. 현재 또는 과거 작업 기록 또는 성능 평가.
Non-public education information (per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (20 U.S.C. Section 1232g, 34 C.F.R. Part 99)). 성적, 성적 증명서, 수업 목록, 학생 일정, 학생 식별 코드, 학생 재무 정보 또는 학생 징계 기록과 같이 교육 기관이나 당사자를 대신하여 관리하는 학생과 직접 관련된 교육 기록.
Inferences drawn from other Personal Information. Profile reflecting a person’s preferences, characteristics, psychological trends, predispositions, behaviour, attitudes, intelligence, abilities, and aptitudes.
Sensitive personal Information Consumers Social Security, driver’s license, identification card, passport number, a consumer’s account log‐in, financial account, debit card, or credit card number in combination with any required security or access code, password, or credentials allowing access to an account, genetic data, contents of consumer’s mail, email or text messages, consumers racial or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, or union membership and their genetic data


  1. Information Disclosed in the past 12 months:

Rahi Systems may disclose your personal information with our affiliates and other parties, including Service Providers, contractors or third parties, for performance of contractual obligations, improve delivery of our products and services and other business purposes. When we disclose personal information for a business purpose, with Service Providers, contractors or third parties we enter into a contract that describes the purpose and requires the recipient to both keep that Personal Information confidential and not use it for any purpose except performing the contract.

In the preceding twelve (12) months, Rahi Systems has disclosed the following categories of Personal Information for a business purpose:

We have disclosed the personal information listed above with the following categories of service providers or third parties:

We may also disclose your personal information for other purposes permitted by law and to

authorities, the police or a court of competent jurisdiction

In the event there is a change or contemplated change in the corporate structure of Rahi Systems, such as a merger, consolidation, sale, liquidation or transfer of substantial assets, we may disclose your personal information and may, in its sole discretion, transfer, sell or assign personal information collected on and through the Services, including your personal information, to one or more affiliated or non-affiliated third parties.

  1. 개인 정보 판매

Rahi Systems does not sell personal information triggering opt out requirements under CCPA.

  1. CCPA에 따른 귀하의 권리

Only you or a person registered with the California Secretary of State who you authorize to act on your behalf (a.k.a. an “authorized agent”), may make a verifiable consumer request related to your Personal Information. We will use reasonable methods to verify your request or that of your authorized agent.

You may only make a verifiable consumer request to exercise your rights twice within a 12-month period. The verifiable consumer request must:

We cannot respond to your request or provide you with Personal Information if we cannot verify your identity or authority to make the request and confirm the Personal Information relates to you.  Making a verifiable consumer request does not require you to create an account with us.  We will only use Personal Information provided in a verifiable consumer request to verify the requestor’s identity or authority to make the request.

  1. 응답 타이밍 및 형식

We endeavour to respond to a verifiable consumer request within 45 days of its receipt. If we require more time (up to 45 days), we will inform you of the reason and extension period in writing.  If you have an account with us, we will deliver our written response to the email address associated with that account. If you do not have an account with us, we will deliver our written response by mail or electronically, at your option. Any disclosures we provide may only cover the 12-month period preceding the verifiable consumer request’s receipt. The response we provide will also explain the reasons why we cannot comply with a request, if applicable. For data portability requests, we will endeavour to select a format to provide your Personal Information that is readily useable and should allow you to transmit the information from one entity to another entity without hindrance.

We do not charge a fee to process or respond to your verifiable consumer request unless it is excessive, repetitive, or manifestly unfounded. If we determine that the request warrants a fee, we will tell you why we made that decision and provide you with a cost estimate before completing your request.

  1. 비차별

We will not discriminate against you for exercising any of your CCPA rights. We may choose in the future to offer you certain financial incentives permitted by the CCPA that can result in different prices, rates, or quality levels. Any CCPA-permitted financial incentive we offer will reasonably relate to your Personal Information’s value and contain written terms that describe the program’s material aspects.

저희에게 연락하는 방법?

 If you have any questions about Our Company’s privacy policy or about the data we hold on you, or you would like to exercise one of your data protection rights, please do not hesitate to contact us at [이메일 보호]

해당 기관에 연락하는 방법은 무엇입니까?

 Should you wish to report a complaint or if you feel that Our Company has not addressed your concern in a satisfactory manner, you may contact the relevant Supervisory authority at [이메일 보호]